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                   Walks  2018  original from Carol V;  pasted in by Dashing Dave

All Sunday walks 2pm unless noted

Wednesday evening walks (late April-Sept only) start a few hours before sunset


updated   Wednesday, January 4, 2018





Sun., Jan. 21, 2018 

No-Leader Walk starts at 1:30pm This walk is part of Winter Walk and Games Day



Sun. 2pm Feb 11, 2018

Chalco Hills (Northwest Walk)

Directions are as follows: Take 144th St. south and then turn right onto Giles Rd. Reverse directions if coming from the south. There is a big sign for Chalco Hills Recreation Area. Drive past the parking lot, going NW down the first hill to the right. Park in the FIRST lot down below the first hill to the right. Park in the FIRST lot down below near some playground equipment. We will walk on the pavement for about 2/3 of a mile and then take the nature trail (marked as such) off to the left. We will walk on a dirt trail to the west, then south, and finally east to exit along the paved road. From there we will walk about a mile back to the parking lot. Altogether an estimate of about three miles.

(contact leader if this day is rainy or snowy)

Leader: Carol V  402-895-3586 



 THESE ARE THE SUNDAYS WE WILL BE WALKING. Schedule should appear in March 2018

Watch this website; there may be a few Wednesday evening walks [starting about 6:30 or 7pm) after mid-April



Sun. 2pm March 4, 2018



Sun. 2pm March 11, 2018



Sun. 2pm March 18, 2018



Sun. 2pm March 25, 2018



Sun. 2pm April 1, 2018



Sun. 2pm April 8, 2018



Sun. 2pm April 15, 2018



Sun. 2pm April 22, 2018



Sun. 2pm April 29, 2018



Sun. 2pm May 5, 2018 (possibly replaced by Saturday walk)



SATURDAY. 2pm May 6 13 20 27, 2018  (no Sunday walk)  A possible walk at Mahoney State Park by our Past President/Treasurer



Sun. 2pm May 6 13 20 27, 2018



Sun. 2pm May 6 13 20 27, 2018


Wednesday, July 4th (meeting time TBD)

Bill Day wants to lead a walk at Ft. Atkinson State Park